Case Studies

Recruiting and Staffing Software

With an internal teleprospecting department of its own, this public company hired Access as a test to measure the effectiveness of their own department and its procedures, and to determine whether or not they could outsource their West Coast territories to provide coverage beyond their 5 p.m. business day.

Access surpassed all expectations in their ability to handle the technical aspects of the product, reach decision makers in shorter cycle, and turn over leads at a much faster pace than the client's own internal department. The West Coast territory representative was so enthused that Access continued in this capacity for well over two years, when their product marketing changed focus. As an early riser, he appreciated being able to call his prospecting professional as early as 6 a.m. Pacific time, knowing that Access was open and available to him before his day began.

This initial test resulted in Access being hired in a consultant capacity to observe and correct practices within their internal department. Access successfully worked with their internal team as an accepted member using their employees' input as well, for over nine months.

Access succeeded in reducing the client's collateral costs by over $30,000 in the first few months by reducing the number of packages sent out to those other than interested decision makers. Access left them with an efficient internal group ready to take on the new product focus taken by the corporation.

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