Our Professional Telemarketing Team

Access Telemarket maintains a dedicated team of professional telemarketing experts who are experienced in getting results. We believe that the key ingredient for outbound telemarketing success is the quality of our team. Access Telemarket's strengths lie within our team, differentiating us from other telemarketing services.

Our team of professional telemarketing experts have been with us, on average, between four and ten years. Our low turnover allows the same outbound telemarketers, experienced in getting results, to work on client projects over a long period of time, thereby increasing the effectiveness of telemarketing campaigns. Our telemarketing clients are represented by the same team of callers whether they require support on a continuous basis or on a as-needed basis.

Telemarketing Expertise

Our dedicated telemarketing team specializes in gathering technical, marketing information and developing opportunities through conversations often thought too sophisticated to outsource. Our team of professional telemarketing experts have a wealth of experience and knowledge including: OEM equipment, Electronic components, Hardware, Software, Medical and Pharmaceutical products, Physician recruiting, Financial services, Industrial equipment and Internet applications and services.

Why outsource your outbound telemarketing to Access?

When designing your outbound telemarketing project, we will choose the person who is the best match for your project - a trained, qualified telemarketer from our team who has experience in your particular industry. The advantages of outsourcing your outbound telemarketing needs to Access are:

  • Dedicated outbound telemarketing experts are available in your field
  • Uninterrupted outbound calling maximizes the number of dials/attempts per hour
  • Lower cost per lead or project than typically generated in-house
  • Internal management can focus on managing leads and results, not managing telemarketers' efforts
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